What you get:

With today's innovative technology we can do business virtually. This is wonderful because this enables my services to be accessible from any part of the country. We will communicate via phone, text, or email on design ideas, color schemes, wall measurements, budget goals, etc. After I get my creative brain going, I will send you a Pinterest board on items you can purchase for each room design. This will be customized to each room with the right measurements to your room. We're talking everything from wall color, light fixtures, curtain panels, furniture, bedsheets, wall decor, shelf decor. Everything that will complete the room will be included. The sweet thing about having this Pinterest board available to you is that you can purchase the items at your own time so that you are not breaking the bank purchasing everything at once. 


For local residents, I can personally shop for your small wall, shelf, and table decor and deliver it to you. You will have to send me over your budget for those items, and I will deliver the items with receipts.  



Consult fee is a $500 flat fee for up to two rooms.

$200 per additional room.



Email to get started.

[email protected]